17th WIK Königswinter Postal Seminar


The decline of mail volume is becoming ever more visible, and the effects are being felt painfully by postal operators in many countries. It is becoming clear that political expectations and regulatory targets for universal service need to better reflect the market realities of tomorrow. Reforms are being discussed - and undertaken! - in many countries domestically.

Postal pricing strategies and rebates are an increasingly controversial topic. Subsequent to the ECJ's bpost ruling, some postal operators have controversies with consolidators and local competitors about the discounts offered to these parties, and many regulators are confronted with the issue. In this context the practical meaning of 'volume discounts' is highly important.

With respect to cross-border e-commerce, the European Commission has set ambitious targets for a Digital Single Market. As a part of this effort, new legislation for cross-border parcels in Europe (the 'Parcel Regulation') is expected to be adopted the next days (in December 2017). Therefore, practical implementation of this Regulation will be a major task for regulators and parcel operators in 2018.

WIK's 17th Königswinter Postal Seminar will provide a forum for discussing recent developments in the postal market, and current challenges for postal policy and regulation. We are pleased to invite you to participate in this seminar. It will take place from 5 to 7 February 2018 at Hirschburg castle in the hills of Königswinter (near Bonn).

Our programme includes presentations by high-level speakers from postal operators, regulators, and researchers who will share with you their views, experience, and insights. You will find the full list of speakers on our workshop programme. Please download the programme from our website: http://www.wik.org/fileadmin/Konferenzbeitraege/2018/17th_Koenigswinter_Seminar/Programme.pdf.

Our ambition in organising this seminar is to have intense discussion among all participants: regulators and operators, e-retailers and trade associations, researchers and policy-makers. The number of participants is limited to 50, and there will be ample time for discussion.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our Postal Seminar. Please register before 12 January 2018. The number of participants is limited, and we will accept registrations on a first come, first served basis. To register, please use our registration form: http://www.wik.org/fileadmin/Konferenzbeitraege/2018/17th_Koenigswinter_Seminar/Registration.pdf.

Accommodation during the seminar is available at Hirschburg castle, the seminar venue. To reserve your room, please use this form: http://www.wik.org/fileadmin/Konferenzbeitraege/2018/17th_Koenigswinter_Seminar/Hotel_Registration.pdf.

If you need travel information to Königswinter, please consult: http://www.wik.org/fileadmin/Konferenzbeitraege/2018/17th_Koenigswinter_Seminar/Travel_Information.pdf.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions about the seminar. Please contact Tamara Orlowski (postal-seminar@wik.org, tel +49 2224 922521) for questions concerning registration, accommodation, transfer, and other practical information.

Ort: Hirschburg castle, Königswinter